Removing Gearbox

I'm attempting to remove the gearbox for the Flywheel upgrade on my 110 engine but I'm running into trouble.  The gearbox is completely disconnected except for the connection to the rubber couplers.  I've tried everything I can think of to get the gearbox off, but it seems to be welded to the couplers.  Has anyone else run into this problem and come up with a method that works?  Any help will be appreciated!


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  • Congrats to you
  • Doing my flight training in a Citabria.
    Lots of fun, but have had some delays due to bad weather and busy schedules.
    I expect to have my BFR sign off in early January.
    Really looking forward to flying my Viking Waiex.
    I hope to see you all at Oshkosh 2017!
  • Congrats to you Don, too. Hope your BFR training is going well.
  • Congratulations, Don Bowen! Time to fly it!!!
  • Today I finished the flywheel and gearbox upgrades on my Viking 110.
    I have photos and text from start to finish.
    My web site is
    Look for the button that says "Flywheel Upgrade".
    I am really happy with this upgrade, the steel parts are very nicely made and appear to be stronger and more durable than the aluminum.
    Many thanks to Jan and Samantha for all their kind help and guidance during this upgrade.

    See you at Oshkosh!

    Don Bowen
    Viking Waiex N49YX
  • I got it off. I removed the 3 nuts on the flywheel spider and pulled and pried until it came off. It was quite a workout. Removing the flywheel was easy in comparison! Thanks for the help!
  • Dale I had the nuts and bolts holding the spider drive on in my 110. I took all of them off and just started wiggling the gearbox around. I could feel very little movement at first but after about 30 minutes I got it broken loose and off. I just got my new flywheel and upgraded gearbox back just before thanksgiving. Now I've got to get out and re-install it.
  • You need to remove a minimum of 3 nuts from the bolts holding the couplers. Or, if you already have the pin system, without the nuts, it is being held by the center pilot bearing only.

    Get an 8 foot 2x3 and devide into 3 sections.
    Get some help and pry between gearbox and flywheel from 2 or 3 directions while someone (or a table) catch the gearbox as it come off the engine.

    With the latest system this is no longer an issue because a replaceable plastic alignment bushing is used, rather than a bearing
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