Fuel System - Low Winged

I think another way to do this install is: (There is always another way:))

- Low pressure fuel filters in the wing roots, prior to entering the airplane
- Obtain a 1 7/8 bi metal hole saw

- Obtain 2 x 1.75" aluminum duct flanges

- Split flanges in one place to expand and fit 1.825 fuel pump body.  Use stainless worm drive hose clamp to hold pump bodies in place, then drill and rivet aluminum flanges to firewall.  Keep in mind you need a place for the wires to go through.

- Use only 5/16 fuel injection hose with 14.5mm oetiker clamps.  

-Use O-ring grease on all connections

-Use single barbed fittings 

-Be sure to crimp clamps on the back side of all hose barbs.


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  • Not at all. The fuel flowing through the pumps keep them cool. There is no low pressure fuel in the engine compartment this way
  • Thanks Jan I will look at this installation. I guess this will mean you will need to build a box in the engine compartment and puta air duct in the side of the cowling to keep the pumps cool. Thanks again
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