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Jan, I have added inspection and cleaning of the internal filter in the fuel pump to my annual list. Can you explain how the filter is accessed? Glenn Davis
May 15
Glenn Davis replied to Steve Blair's discussion Compression Test on the 130
"Well done Loren"
Mar 17
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I noticed that Pennzoil has a 0-20 full synthetic oil made from natural gas.What are the pros and cons to using it?
Jan 2
Glenn Davis replied to Glenn Davis's discussion Emergency replacement for Waterless Coolant
"It might be an interesting exercise to figure out the boiling point if after repairing the leak you ended up with a 50% evans and 50% water and had the 5psi cap ( assuming you have the Viking upgrade) and are flying at 6,000 feet ( the higher the el…"
Sep 25, 2019
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Suppose you develop a coolant leak on a long cross country flight and do not have access to the waterless coolant. Could you use something else temporarily in an emergency situation? Glenn Davis,N5362P
Sep 23, 2019