High pressure fuel filter

I'm in the final stages of fuel system installation in my Zenith 750 Cruzer. Trying to think ahead, I'm making sure to position and connect all components with future servicability in mind. To start - what are the specs of the fuel filter supplied by Viking? Is there a brand/model that I can look up in order to plan for future replacements? I'm planning an annual service item to replace the high-pressure fuel filter, but then how best to attach the lines to it? Oiteker clamps are good for permanent sealing but a struggle to remove in semi-confined spaces such as under the baggage area in the 750 where the filter will be mounted. I'm not a fan of standard hose clamps for high-pressure lines or connections that have to be removed yearly as they tend to start tearing up the hose. I got to searching on the internet for high-pressure fuel filters with quick connects such as those on the Viking fuel pumps and mechanical fuel pump, which would seem to be an ideal solution, but I can't seem to find the specs of one that would work (especially not knowing the specs of the one that is supplied). On the surface, this: https://www.amazon.com/ACDelco-GF580-Professional-Fuel-Filter/dp/B000C9QPAS/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_img_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=T8J7BR8MGCTSJ8KP0HKD looks to be close to what I'm thinking and appears to be quite available, but I can't get confirmation on whether it's appropriate as a high-pressure filter. So my questions are:

1. What is the brand/model and specs of the fuel filter?

2. Has anyone done an effective mounting of the/a filter that allows for easy replacement, and if so, how?

3. Does anyone know of a filter with quick-connects that would work, or if the one I found would work?

Thank you.

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  • Just mount filter as shown.
    It is a last catch filter. Replace every 10 years.

    Use the specified clamps and remove as shown here:

    • Ok, the integrated filters in your 2.5 gal header tank pumps are the only other filters in the system. Does this configuration change that replacement recommendation?
    • The pump filters are there for the life of the pumps. I would fuel the airplane with a Mr Funnel

      Mr. Funnel F8C F8 Fuel Filter Funnel - Conductive - 12 GPM https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HF7MRRR/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ZhIFDbBY6...

      To extend the life of any onboard filter.

      This is very important now with more and more airports not properly maintaining their fuel farms.

      Replace fuel pumps after 15 years.
      Amazon.com: Mr. Funnel F8C F8 Fuel Filter Funnel - Conductive - 12 GPM: Automotive
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  • I replaced my high pressure filter during my first condition inspection last year with a Fram G7759. I may not replace it this year but it only costs $6, it's easy to access since it's mounted with one bolt on the firewall directly behind and below the engine fuel rail inlet, the Oetiker clamps are easy to remove as demonstrated in Jan's video and I think I pay a dime each for them. That filter is really not a big installation or maintenance issue. I will continue to replace the low pressure filters every year, sooner if it I see any contamination in them. I use Fram G12 and pay about $3 or $4 each.
  • The high pressure filter should be replaced every 5 years. At that time, also replace the short sections of hose going to it, or leave some additional hose (a service loop) during initial installation.

    • if your going An fittings and braided, id assume that 5 year hose replacement recommendation is void?
    • Just saw an installation with a combination aluminum tubes, fuel injection hose and AN fittings. A complete mess and dangerous. The engine uses 5 /16 barbed fittings and the same with the pumps and filters. There is a big difference using braded hoses or modern fuel injection hose. Much of the braided stuff is Chinese and no good with natural rubber internals. Aeroquip hoses are expensive and you still would have to find out if the internals are Viton in order to use alcohol based fuels. The best system is automotive fuel injection hose and Oetiker clamps along with single barbed fittings. Install service loops where needed in order to cut a fresh end when replacing filters, etc. The hoses not exposed to the engine compartment or the sun will last the life of the airplane.
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"Hi all, Anyone interested in a Sensenich 2-blade prop for the Viking 110? I've got one and a 13" spinner to go with it.
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hi all, is the proper fuel for the 110 still min. 90 octane. no ethanol preferable but ok. last choice is avgas 100 low lead. thanks, bob noffs
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The Viking 110 in my RV-12 "Tweety Bird". Put 400 hours on her in two years! Long cross-country trips greater than 1000 miles (each) totaled 14000 miles!. Sweet!
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"M18x1.5 -Alissa"
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hi all, can anyone tell me the thread type and size of the bung in the side of the muffler. i think it was meant for an o2 sensor? thanks bob noffs
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"Blast cooled housing for Dual Earth-X batteries on the engine side of the firewall."
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"Installation of the dual check valves and Viking 110 fuel pressure regulator on the Zenith Zodiac 650B firewall - Before installation of fuel injection hose and fire sleeve.
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