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Philip here...

Build is Just Aircraft Escapade with 130 engine.  Standard wiring with some additions.

Question:  What is best method for quick shudown of Viking 130?

ECU is direct powered so killing battery relays will kill ECU and landing lights and everything else.

Sent this photo for Jan, shows header tank install in rear bulkhead area of JA Escapade, also note battereis located in tail.  Both header tank and batteries were located aft to help with weight and balance.  Escapade is in tali wheel config, this helps counter weight Viking 130 engine.





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  • To shutdown a Viking 130 quickly, you need to disconnect the battery(s) and alternator. We use toggle switch to open battery circuit, and starter switch to disconnect alternator. Note, some prefer a stand alone alternator switch. With regards to your header tank picture, I'd get rid of the loop in the fuel hose. Also, if not already planned, I suggest you install a header tank sample/drain valve.
    • Will get rid of service loops. Drain valve is in place already.

      As for killing battery and alternator, that kills the ECU. That stops the engine. It also kills my landing lights and other instrumentation. That wouldn't be good on a final at night with a prop/PSRU problem. Is it a big deal to connect the ECU power to the ignition switch? I do understand the necessity of maintaining ECU power. The switch provided does maintain in the start and run position and has a closed transition between run and start. Is the switch reliable and have a decent MTBF?
    • One of the reasons to avoid having a stand alone ECU switch is to minimize failure points. As soon as the engine stops, you can always turn the battery(s) back on if needed.
    • I just noticed your question "Is it a big deal to connect the ECU power to the ignition switch?" The ECU should be powered by the main power bus, not the ignition switch. The ignition switch should only be to start the engine and possibly turn off alternator. As for reliability, you can use whatever switch you want. Are you using Viking Aircraft Engines suggested wiring diagram?
    • It should be very difficult to shut down the engine. Right now you would have to throw 2 batteries overboard and also turn the alternator switch off.

      This part needs to stay.

      Now, you would NEVER use the ignition switch to power the ECU. These switches are not reliable enough.

      This is what is recommended. Now if someone insists on wire it differently, there is a wrong and correct way.

      The ECU has a large and smaller AWG wire. The larger wire would be wired as shown on the diagram and the smaller wire is used to turn the EVU on / off.

      Immediately there are more failure points.
  • Thanks for the input on the ECU power.

    As to the question of using the Viking diagram in this AC: Yes, it is the same, with additions for the instruments, lighting and comm equipment.

    As I do plan to fly this plane at night, I would like to be able to maintain lighting and instrumentation in the event the engine needs to be shutdown.

    If I understand Jan's comments correctly, the ECU could remain connected to the bus and the smaller of the wires could be switched to stop the engine.

    I do understand this does increase chances of failure due to additional circuit elements.

    As an alternative shut down method, how long does it take to stop the engine if the fuel pumps are switched off?

    • The issue in regards to shutting down the engine with the “high” pressure fuel pumps is that you would starve the “higher” pressure mechanical pump and empty the fuel rail of pressure, making it harder to re-start.
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"Hi all, Anyone interested in a Sensenich 2-blade prop for the Viking 110? I've got one and a 13" spinner to go with it.
Dick Gossen
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hi all, is the proper fuel for the 110 still min. 90 octane. no ethanol preferable but ok. last choice is avgas 100 low lead. thanks, bob noffs
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"thanks norm, i will probably start with 18."
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"Bob, on my CH-750 I have it set at 19 degrees which gives me about 5200 on takeoff and climb. I previously had it at 18 and as I recall it was around 5400."
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hi all, i have the 110 in an rv-12. can anyone recommend  an initial pitch setting for the whirlwind 3 blade 70'' prop?thanks, bob noffs
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The Viking 110 in my RV-12 "Tweety Bird". Put 400 hours on her in two years! Long cross-country trips greater than 1000 miles (each) totaled 14000 miles!. Sweet!
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  • Dick gossen By the way, that cowling is for sale: $200. You can have the spinner and backplate to match - I have both a two-blade and three-blade version: $50 each. and you can have my Sensenich two-blade carbon prop for $500! 408 499 8587
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"M18x1.5 -Alissa"
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hi all, can anyone tell me the thread type and size of the bung in the side of the muffler. i think it was meant for an o2 sensor? thanks bob noffs
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"Blast cooled housing for Dual Earth-X batteries on the engine side of the firewall."
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"Installation of the dual check valves and Viking 110 fuel pressure regulator on the Zenith Zodiac 650B firewall - Before installation of fuel injection hose and fire sleeve.
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