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We have introduced a map to enable builders and flyers to see where other Viking customers are in relation to eachother. It is a work in progress and we are still continuing to add names daily. If you see an area you would like to contact a customer and reach out to contact Alissa@VikingAircraftEngines.com for more information.



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When you install an O-200 engine, or a Viking 130 aircraft engine, the weight of the aircraft will be about the same.


  • You will have 30 more HP and close to 100% more static thrust.  
  • You will have a 2018 model Honda, usually built in America - not a 1945 design now sold to China
  • You will have 5,000 Honda dealerships from where you can get parts.  
  • You will have DIRECT, into the cylinders, fuel injection.  No carburetor anywhere
  • You will pay much less for much more.

NEW! Every Viking Customer has their own page on our website to showcase their aircraft which will also coincide with the map. If you want your aircraft displayed, please send me in some pictures at Alissa@Vikingaircraftengines.com


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  • Robert Eli and Fred Westbrook.  I have the same oil tank on my 110, sent pictures to Jan and his feeback was that I didn't have the welded tank so mine didn't need to be modified.

    • What part do you mean welded? The tank seams or the tube not welded to tank?

    • The tube isn't welded to the tank.  It runs down through the top and looks like it runs through a O-ring.  The O-ring must dampen out some of the vibration.  I have 280 hours on my 110.

  • I have attached a photo of my Viking 110 oil tank, showing the aluminum oil pickup tube that reportedly failed recently. I have looked throughout the Viking website for drawings showing the internal structure of the tank so that I can remove it for modifications, but have had no luck in finding anything on this old oil tank. I would appreciate some help in locating the drawings.3925872405?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • The style tube you have is fine



    • I have this same tube on my 110. What exactly failed?

    • Jan sent out an Email notice that the tube broke off in the tank. I don't have any other information other than that notice. It would be useful to know how many hours that engine has accumulated since it seems likely to be some sort of fatigue failure due to vibration. Obviously, that tube is not suppose to carry any significant loading.

    • Her Robert, this had happened around 650 hours. 

  • I was wondering whether Vikings would get in the ultralight market. I would love to see a honda under 30hp pushing an ultralight, I would be the first one to buy it, and I'm part of a big community of pilots that I know they all would go to the reliability of a honda engine.

  • Moved my 701 to a hanger for installation of wings.3756962340?profile=RESIZE_930x3756962853?profile=RESIZE_930x

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