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We have introduced a map to enable builders and flyers to see where other Viking customers are in relation to eachother. It is a work in progress and we are still continuing to add names daily. If you see an area you would like to contact a customer and reach out to contact Alissa@VikingAircraftEngines.com for more information.




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The Viking 90 engine explained


When you install an O-200 engine, or a Viking 130 aircraft engine, the weight of the aircraft will be about the same.


  • You will have 30 more HP and close to 100% more static thrust.  
  • You will have a 2018 model Honda, usually built in America - not a 1945 design now sold to China
  • You will have 5,000 Honda dealerships from where you can get parts.  
  • You will have DIRECT, into the cylinders, fuel injection.  No carburetor anywhere
  • You will pay much less for much more.

NEW! Every Viking Customer has their own page on our website to showcase their aircraft which will also coincide with the map. If you want your aircraft displayed, please send me in some pictures at Alissa@Vikingaircraftengines.com


Just wanted to thank everyone at Viking.  I began my first aircraft build two years and four months ago by ordering a Viking 130 engine and a ICP Savannah S aircraft kit.  Yesterday I got the airworthiness certificate.  Let me just say that the engine installation part of the process was straight forward and easily done with all the support I received from Viking.  I’ve only got 6.4 hours on the aircraft so far but I can already say my engine choice was a good one.  That thing starts every time with just a touch on the starter, has no vibration and sounds awesome.  If you are in the market for an engine you cannot go wrong with Viking.  Contact me any time and I will be happy to share my experience with you.  Thanks again Jan, Alissa and everyone else at Viking.  “When” I build my next aircraft I will be calling you for the engine.

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  • Just curious, how would the RV-14A fare with the 180hp turbo? I know the plane specs a 210 Lycoming but the reality is that at a higher density altitude in the heat of the day, a IO-390 might only be making 170hp to 180hp at takeoff. 

    • We have not moved to these airframes yet.  Maybe in a years time. 

  • A collection of photos from Sun N Fun 2019. It was a beautiful week and we couldn't ask for better company, customers and friends. The aviation community continues to be the friendliest we know and we want to continue to watch it grow by making our engines affordable, easy to maintain and with high performance so we can see the younger generation grow their love for aviation and it be an attainable goal.

    We were able to fly 3 airplanes to the show this year. Every evening Jan was able to showcase the Viking 90 on the Rans S12 by flying down in the ultralight area. New this year and we hope to continue was the "Engine Dinner" enjoyed by many as four of the main engine providers laid out everything necessary for a good ole' time!

    The Viking 90 is catching a lot of eyes and winning the hearts of many as it offers the same weight as the Rotax 912, performance without hesitation and a price tag that can't be beat.

    A huge thank you to all our friends and customers that continue to make what we do possible.

    We have a busy week ahead as we ship out the orders from the show this week and if you haven't already, take the opportunity to snag you an engine at $1000 off because the sale will end Friday! LAST CALL!




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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtJtXfx3urc&feature=youtu.be


    John Heather took his first flight today in his Zenith Cruzer (powered by the Viking 130) Congratulations!

  • 1601856173?profile=RESIZE_710x

    As we prep for Sun-N-Fun 2019. All hands on deck! We have a lot of loose ends to tie up. The Super Duty with the Viking 180 will be displayed at the Zenith Booth MD-026B for anyone that wants to take a peak at the black and red beast. 

    The Sp-30 and S12 with the Viking 90 in Paradise City will be doing demo flights. Not to mention, we will have the newly equipped Aventura by Aero Adventure with a Viking 130 flying in and displayed at the Viking Booth (N-079).

    There will be a beautiful Viking 130 powered Powrachute at their booth LP-012 and should have some customers stopping in as well! Wherever you go, you are sure to see a Viking powered aircraft and make sure you stop in and say hi to the Viking team.

    It is always an exciting week, all hopes that the weather holds up!









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    Nice looking combo :) The Viking 130 awaiting its installation.

  • A Zenith 750 STOL is getting a makeover today. Don't forget, if your not wanting to do your installation yourself we offer that and in three/four days you can have an engine installation DONE!


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