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  • Warranty good for one full year.   Shipping, crating or handling charges not included.    


My Viking powered Zenith CruZer is the fastest CruZer in the world. It is also the slowest flying, smoothest running, most fuel efficient with its Gasoline Direct Injection, and one of the quietest. It has also the shortest takeoff roll and landing distance of any other 750, demonstrated 2 years in a row at the annual Zenith STOL competition. Did I mention the Viking engine is the most economical to purchase and maintain and has has a full year, unconditional money back warranty.



"The 701 has a tight cowl with the later than cowl developed oil return system.

Options are:

-Add 1/4" additional spacer plate on prop flange
- Do a little fiberglass work
- Reduce the return hose diameter to 3/8 from 5/8
- Use a 2" or 2.5" prop extension"
I attempted a trial fit of my 110HP Viking/CH-701 lower cowling and find problems with the location of the gearbox oil hose fitting.  I have a 1.5" prop hub extension on my 2015 engine (due to the sensor on the top/port side of the gearbox housing).  The gearbox oil hose fitting is on the lower/starboard side and extends forward interfering with the lower cowl placement.  The hose rubs against the cowl and only allows about 1" of overlap of the aft end of the cowl (at the firewall).Any ideas as to how to fix this?
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"Hi Greg. At this moment I drained the oil and began to do what Jan recommended at the post "Removing the Old Style Oil Tank". I am waiting for the McMaster Carr parts to continue with the tank removal / reinstall. I have an unused can of "The Right Stuff" Sealer which I will apply at the edge of the tank. I have doubts that if the leaking sealant is the same the problem will return eventually. As far as I could observe the leaking comes from the lower layer of the sealant at picture of my oil tank above. I am not sure if the upper layer should be replaced also. Maybe some more illustration or drawings would help since we don´t have any video on this one. - Jose"

I appear to have the same oil leak on my 2013 Viking 110 after 42 hours. Was interested in any findings you have discovered so far? I believe mine is leaking between the top tank plate and the lower tank box. I have not started disassembly yet, Looking for some pictures or drawings of how this tank is held together. My tank has the bottom cover welded to the walls, I believe this may be the 2nd iteration of the tank design. - Gregg"
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Jan, where can I find the drawings for the engine mount? or else the the old drawings of the engine itself?The new mount I halve is about half a hole off on the top mount and the old black mounting plate doesn't have the inside holes.I am going to transfer the newer engine to the 750, but I was going to hang the old one just to mock up the wiring and hoses.Maybe not such a good idea now.Thanks Dan
"I shortened the gasket to fit and then used liberal amount of "Right Stuff". No more leaks."
Steel Bungee Install in a completed aircraft by Bruce Schmidt

steel bungee installation on completed airframe CH750 STOL
Since I had allready mounted the engine before installing the steel bungee, the
installation sequence has to be changed since it is impossible to put the spring
in from the top. The  2 outer holes on the top bracket are 83 mm center to center.
It would be much easier to drill before installing the firewall and engine mount.
If you are considering the steel bungee but aren’t sure, at least drill these 2 holes in case you later decide.
Note that there is a front and back to this gear leg.
I removed the front wheel and bracket to make it easier to Put the gear leg up.
If it is installed wrong, the steering connections will not fit.
The black plastic block will not want to fit above the support plate unless the center bolt at the top is preloaded to shorten the spring.
The 2 nuts holding the top cap on are shorter than shown in the installation. They have a h…
The attached pictures show my dual tanks (24g), single viking pump, intake filter and return line, including restrictor orifice and one way check valve! The only component not yet installed is the flow meter, this will go in the wing as well just downstream of the "T". The fuel will flow from the flow meter down an enlarged cabin frame tube from the front cabin/wing attach point to the centre of the firewall, the fuel line will exit the cabin tube on the engine side of the firewall eliminating any fuel in the cabin area. Both wings will have the same system.The pumps are positive off when the power is cut, so they become my on/off fuel valve. During takeoff and landing both could be run for redundancy, they eliminate cross flow and the potential fuel spilled during uneven parking. They do require a higher level of fuel management as i imagine i would run them alternately to even out fuel use and provide safety in the event one pump quits. All wiring from the wing will go directly down…
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I recently watched every single video posted by Viking Aircraft Engines.  Many of them I had seen before, but this time I took notes, in preparation of my upcoming Viking 110 installation into a Highlander Extreme.  I gained LOTS of information that I will use.One item I noticed were the options for methods to protect switches on the instrument panel from being accidentally turned OFF.  I offer the following as the method that I used in my Tiger Cub, and will do the same when I build my Highlander.  I use the common SWITCH GUARD that you can find at Aircraft Spruce (or about a million places on Amazon).  I realize that the design of the switch guard is to PREVENT a switch from accidentally being turned ON, but it is very simple to modify the switch guard so it can be used to prevent accidentally turning it OFF.  The switch guard is designed to slip over the mounting threads of your switch.  The switch guard has a little notch, that is meant to fit into the slot in the threads of the s…
I have the exact same generation Viking valve cover that you do. I am not ready to remove my cover, but should I decide to install the oil line vent that you did, or check the valve adjustment, I was to be ready. I am anxious to hear what you did to solve the gasket problem, since the Honda gasket does not fit the Viking valve cover?"
"Welcome!  I hope your final choice is the RV12, there are a bunch of us who think that is the best combination.  Feel free to ask questions and make comments."
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What are the possibilities of a 180 hp on an RV-4?

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  • Does anyone have a motor mount for a HF-110 to go on a Zenith 701 for sale?
  • Viking at Oshkosh and Now

    I just got back to central Texas from OSH in my Viking 110 RV-12.   9 hours up, 10 hours back, and the engine ran like a sewing machine the whole way. This morning I ticked over 100.1 hours on the Hobbs - all in less than four months since first flight! No leaks, no vibrations, no problems.

    As we say in Texas, I'm havin' more fun than a pig in slop. Great job, man!

    Uli flew his Cherry scratch built from Florida.  
    Viking powered 601 on the flight line at Oshkosh
    Making good time in the Viking powered CruZer.  
    From Left:  Marty, Jack, Jan, Vern and Dwayne
    Having a talk about what is next:)

    Oshkosh was a huge Viking success.  Even prior to the show, at the HomebuiltHelp gathering Viking sold one engine to every person that showed up to get a test flight.  The power of a test flight is huge.  If someone has already flown behind a UL, Jabiru, VW, Corvair, O-200 or Rotax in the same airplane, they instantly buy a Viking 130.  

    4 engines were also brought to the showgrounds and they sold the first couple of days.  An interesting sale was to Dennis that now is bringing an EAA biplane back into the air, after it has been hanging in a restaurant for years.  Viking just designed the engine mount for it and it will use a modified CH-701 cowling.  

  • Please spread the word. Any gyro flying every day at Bensen Days 2017 with a Viking 130 engine will receive $3,000 cash from Viking Aircraft Engines.

    If $5,000.00 is more your style, get the 20 lb heavier 180 hp engine instead.

    (Offer not valid to existing Viking powered Gyro copters)

  • Looks like the 130 would make an excellent match for the new Rans S-21 Outbound. (or the 180 if you wanted even more performance).  

  • What gear box temperature sensor do I install on the Viking 130 to be compatible with new Viking View? Where do I purchase this sensor? 

  • Dick Jones adding the cowling to the 130 powered 601 step by step

  • Hi all! Installing my header tank and have noticed that the fuel "in" fittings are only 1/8" NPT. Will this provide enough flow?
  • Viking 110 powered CH701 from T82 (Fredericksburg, TX) to Oshkosh and back.  13.5 hours up 16.5 back.  Burned 4.7 gallons per hour and never got above 4,000'  Engine ran as smooth as glass.

  • Vern is looking at the kit version of the Sling 4 seat.  Not the quick build or the completed aircraft.  

    The Sling 4 seat kit is too expensive when comparing it to other kits.  Vern and Viking are looking to attract more serious builders that want to be part of a group purchase of 5 of these wonderful kits.  They will be powered by the new Viking 180 Honda based Civic 1.5L Turbo engine, rather than the Rotax engine.   
    Contact Samantha@Vikingaircraftengines.com if interested.  With the latest change to the regulations, this might be exactly what you need.  The airplane will also use a hydraulically adjustable propeller designed by the Viking team for the ultimate 4 seat aircraft experience.   
  • Vern will now build a Sling 4 seat aircraft

    If you also would like to build one with a Turbo Viking Honda based Civic 1.5 - let him know so kits can be ordered with a discount

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