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"do you any sight oil gage's that where used on the viking 110 for the gear box oil if yours does not circulate engine oil in it uses 75/90 synthetic instead"
8 hours ago
Viking Aircraft Engines posted a discussion
 2 different oiling systems were used on the Viking 110 gearboxes.  One has gear oil in the box, the other use a small oil line going to the gearbox through an orifice and use engine oil.  This gearbox will also have a return hose attached that go to the top of the engine oil tank.  

All Viking 130 gearboxes use gear oil and therefore do not have oil hoses, other than for venting due to expansion during operation.  

To be continued... 
10 hours ago
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Be sure the alternator belt idler pulley on the Viking 110 is made from steel.  Test it with a magnet.  The original aluminum pulley with Viking Aircraft Engines engraved should not be used.  The upgraded pulley is available from Viking. 
10 hours ago
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16 hours ago
Glenn Davis posted a discussion
What is the maintenance schedule for the gearbox?
Viking Aircraft Engines replied to Joshua Twomey's discussion Viking Turbo and Altitude
"The chart at the bottom here


show the max pressure used to get 200 hp at sea-level. It is 1 bar or 14.7 psi or 29.92"

This is pressure above existing sea-level pressure on a standard day.

So to get 170 HP, the engine use 7.5 psi (15") or would indicate 29.92 + 15" = 45" of MAP

The turbo is capable of producing over 60" If one inch is lost / 1000 feet of attitude, 58" are left at 12,000 feet. Only 45 is used for 170 hp"
Joshua Twomey posted a discussion
How does the viking turbo do with altitude?I know its a turbo and compensates for some altitude but how much can it compensate?  At what altitude does it start loosing power and at what rate?  If I buy the 170 will I have 170HP at 12000?Do you have any graphs?
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Dale Medendorp replied to Glenn Davis's discussion Zenith ch650 engine
"If the plane is to be licensed in the LSA category, the lighter the better. I think the 110 is ideal for weight and power."
Viking Aircraft Engines replied to Glenn Davis's discussion Fuel for the viking Engine
"The Viking is a direct injected engine and therefore not picky about the fuel. Run any kind of gasoline.
We use mid grade car fuel, Swift fuel and 100LL.
You can also mix these fuels."
Viking Aircraft Engines replied to Glenn Davis's discussion Zenith ch650 engine
"he Turbo engine is perfect for altitude but the 130 is plenty of power. The Turbo engines have lots of excess power. up and beyond what is needed in a CH-750"
Viking Aircraft Engines replied to Glenn Davis's discussion Zenith ch650 engine
Ken Ryan replied to Glenn Davis's discussion Zenith ch650 engine
"Along the same lines ... Jan, what do you think about a 150 on the Zenith 750?"
Glenn Davis posted discussions
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Ted Mifflin replied to Ted Mifflin's discussion Optimum Viking engine for Van's RV-7a?
"Thanks for including some information. I went to the first URL but found no information about the 150, 170 or 190 engines. Is there a URL that has the spec sheets, torque curves, fuel consumption, etc listed for each engine? I realize that all three are based on the Honda Civic engine, but I would like to see how they are different. I also went over the Viking engines video but it is from Honda and doesn't mention the 150, 170 or 190 engines. Any particular specifications for each engine would be appreciated.
Feb 16
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Feb 16
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"The engine is here:



For an estimate, including firewall forward parts, contact Samantha@vikingaircraftengines.com

The 150, 170 and 190 are similar engines, all based on the Civic Turbo

Feb 16
Ted Mifflin replied to Ted Mifflin's discussion Optimum Viking engine for Van's RV-7a?
"Can you point out the engine on the Viking website? I searched for it and I couldn't find it. Just wondered where I might find the pricing, specs, etc. for this particular engine and how it compares with the 170 and 190?
Feb 16
Viking Aircraft Engines replied to Ted Mifflin's discussion Optimum Viking engine for Van's RV-7a?
"Hi Ted.
There has never been a Viking engine in the RV-7 so far. A Viking 110 is flying in an RV-9A and you can find info on that by searching this forum.

The 2016/17 Honda Civic GDI Viking Turbo engine with a hydraulic constant speed Viking / DUC propeller is the correct engine for the 7.

It is not going to be inexpensive.
The 200 hp intermittent / 150 continuous hp engine is for those wanting to explore what is possible in aviation.

This engine, operated at 12,000 feet, with a variable propeller will outperform any existing RV-7 as far as efficiency.

Long range cross country is possible."
Feb 15

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  • Here is a picture of an aviation assembly that has a mistake associated with it.   If you think you know what the problem is, post the answer on the Viking forum.  The picture will also be posted there.  

    • 1) cotter pin tab a little long digging groove in bellcrank from rotation.
      2) looks like a large pit in bellcrank upper right.
      3) can't tell what's happening with rod end from this view, I.e., washers etc...
    • sounds good plus depending on clearance control arm could be mounted on the other side of belcrank an bolt reversed or use a clevis to center load on the belcrank

  • Now that the horizontally configured 110 engine is no longer offered, has anyone installed the upright oriented 130 in a Sonex? Will it work? Has anyone installed one in an Arion Lightning or similar, very slick little plane. I can see that the Viking engine's unique performance envelope perfectly suits very draggy airframes like the Zeniths, especially due to their tall and relatively broad firewall area. Am very interested in seeing how well they perform on an aerodynamically cleaner profile airframe.

    • Viking 130 would take the Sonex to VNE straight and level

  • I think lots of pilots are concerned about possibility of having to troubleshoot failed sensors on a FADEC engine such as this. Of course, if OBDII code readers can be used, this should be so easy it's child's play. Is the OBDII interface provided for this purpose with the install kit?

    • No, not included.  Actually, this is the simplest engine around.  4 injectors, 4 coils, crank pickup and Manifold pressure sensor.

      Not much to troubleshoot.

  • Having FUN flying the Viking 130 Rans S7   

    The popular Viking 130 now priced at $9,995 for February

    SpaceX Rocket spotted above the cloud layer.  Even the Viking 130 could not keep up with the climb.

    Flying to Spruce Creek Fly-In for breakfast on the weekend in the Ran's S-7

    Viking gearbox breather vent undergoing tests.  More info shortly.

    Be sure to run a propeller balance after everything has been built and ready to fly.   

    Bobby Jackson's Viking CH-701

    Bobby giving rides 

    New Hangar :)

    Viking 110 in CH-701

    Bobby's Airliner 701

    Final touches on S-7

  • I just got home from a 3200 mile round trip exodus in my Viking RV-12. Flew from Georgetown in central Texas to Grass Valley in northern CA. It was the most fun trip in my 40 years of flying and 3500 hours. I flew the whole thing at 1000-1500 AGL talking to no one. What a hoot!

    The V-110, now with 200 hours, ran like a sewing machine the whole way. At 5350 RPM I trued out at 132 mph. Fuel burn was 5.5-6.0 GPHX, depending on altitude and temp. Over the 32 hours Hobbs time, I burned 1 quart of oil. That's 1 oz per hour - somewhat better than my LYC used to do!

    Thanks, Jan!

    • Fantastic opportunity for you to fly this far in your own aircraft.  

      Dick is a seasoned experimental aircraft builder with a complex GlasAir retractable under his belt.  He is now flying a RV-12 sporting the Viking 110 and in - wing fuel tanks.

      Thank you to you Dick for showing the way.

This reply was deleted.

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Jan and all of Viking,
I simply can not resist a smile every time I start up the 110! I am always impressed with the start up, smoothness, sound and feel! Can't say enough about it! If there is ever anyone out my way (Denver) that wants to take a look let me know! Anyone out there considering a Viking, stop thinking and jump right in!!


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